Certified Facilitators of The 5 Languages of Appreciation at Work!  We are excited about the work you are doing (or will be doing) in helping bring authentic appreciation to workplace relationships.

We realized that we wanted to bring a “one stop” location for you, to be able to easily access the resources we have created for you, to help make your training process as positive and beneficial as possible for you and those you serve.

We also wanted to create an easier way for you to give us feedback regarding:

  • the positive reports you get from clients,
  • cool resources (cartoons, videos, etc.) that you’ve found,
  • any additional resources that would be helpful to you,
  • for you to share “what works” well for you, and
  • any questions you have for us.


Here are some of the most common resources used that we want to make easily accessible to you:

Group MBAI Profile template      MBAI Action Item template

Intro video to AAW                        Other videos

5LAW Icons                                     MBAI sample report

AAW Rating Scale                          MBAI frequency data