Authentic Appreciation Can Amplify Your Business

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I recently presented in Florida for the WCFSA (West Central Florida Safety Alliance). The event was aimed at learning how to manage Insurance and Safety Risks. The day of learning was intended to help members learn how to drive healthy organizational behavioral change, increase employee engagement and job satisfaction. I gladly presented the 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace because regardless of what organizational missives you are trying to ‘reach’ or ‘manage’, organizations need buy-in, trust, and effective communication – and you just simply get that and more when you unleash the 5 Languages into the DNA of your organization.

The Appreciation at Work training process is an extraordinary engagement amplifier. I’d like to draw upon an example with one of my favorite commodities on shopping television, where I spent the last 8 years selling. As a woman, having hosted thousands of hours of live shopping television, I not only had to look good, but I wanted skincare that really worked – my job depended on it! Luckily I got to try hundreds of products. My goals: simplify my routine but heighten my results.

One day, I was introduced to the “amplifier”!” It was a clear liquid, fast absorbing formula that you put on as a step in your skin care routine. The heightened nanotechnology structure of the amplifier enhanced all of the other skin care you were already using. It didn’t matter if you used five different brands, once you started to add it into your routine, it went straight to work, penetrating deeply, amplifiersallowing you to use less of the expensive formulas. Yeah! Results were seen sooner due to its ability to penetrate and amplify.

It is not what one program does in isolation, but the whole organization and how it gets into sync as new forms of information become available to “amplify” core missives and results. The Appreciation at Work training process is based upon Authentic Appreciation and has the ability as well as successful notoriety to tear down silos of blocked communication in working units, enhance cross-departmental sharing, increase productivity, job satisfaction and create incredibly strong and dynamic teams whether existing or on boarding.

Appreciation is no longer “managed” but spread out organizationally, shared peer to peer, supervisor to employee, employee to supplier and employee to customer encouraging a value based, results driven eco-system of which I believe to be the amplifier to anything else an organization is already doing. It self-replicates encouragement, motivation, trust, feelings of worth and being highly valued. It results in an amplified thriving that builds across the entire company like its master DNA.  

Statistics reveal that 87% of employees are just plain disengaged. A disengaged workforce costs the U.S. economy alone over 500 billion annually. How much more time do struggling businesses have to spend “trying” to figure it out? Adding the 5 Languages to an organization’s DNA won’t solve all their problems. But the amplifying effects are profound. I say begin at once! Implementation should be fast and easy, we’ve taken care of that part. At some point you just need to trust that this new thing you are doing for your people and your company will have impact and usually beyond what you even first expected.

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February 3, 2016 12:27 pm

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