7 Tips to Not Screw Up Employee Appreciation Day (March 3)

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In honor of employee appreciation day, we thought we’d share some tips from my new e-book that will help with showing appreciation on Friday, March 3, and every day. You can receive the e-book free by purchasing a copy of my new book, The Vibrant Workplace, available for pre-order now. There are now so many different types of Employee Appreciation Days (weeks and months), it is virtually impossible to keep up with them. Given the amazing number of appreciation days, ones in your industry are likely not far away. If you don’t want to look stupid (or feel foolish), it might be good to think ahead a bit about what you would like to do for your team members. This is probably important if you are a supervisor or manager, but it is especially true if you are the boss or employer.

7 Simple Tips to Help You Not Screw Up Employee Appreciation Day   Here are some tips to avoid looking clueless (or worse, like you don’t care about your staff.)

  1. Do something: Generally speaking, it would be wise to do something; give a compliment, bring in snacks, write an email or stop by and check in with team members.
  2. Think ahead a little and put together something that doesn’t look like a “last minute panic”. Assuming you are going to do something, it would be best to put a little thought into it and probably an even better idea to get some input from your key team members. (By the way, picking up doughnuts on the way to work, or ordering pizza in for lunch probably will look like you forgot.)
  3. Remember, not everyone feels appreciated in the same ways. Appreciation that is communicated in the language and actions important to the recipient is what “hits the mark” (which is probably not what you value). So, unless you are going to do a broad stroke group event, it would be wise to find out how they feel appreciated. Have them take the Motivating By Appreciation Inventory to show your interest in them.
  4. Utilize the language and actions they value. Look up (or ask for) their primary & secondary languages of appreciation, and especially the actions they prefer. If at all possible, use one of these actions.*
  5. If in doubt, use words (privately). While words may not be their preferred language, most people aren’t offended by compliments unless they are vague or in contradiction to how they treat you.
  6. Use this formula for an effective compliment. To “hit the mark” with your words:  a) use their name (and spell it correctly, if you are writing it); b) tell specifically what they do (or have done) that you appreciate; c) explain why the action is helpful to you, to the organization or to your clientele.
  7. Don’t get bent out of shape if you don’t hear / receive any appreciation from your boss. Remember: you don’t know everything that is going on in their life. Be gracious and display a little maturity.

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