Heads or Tail (Feathers)? Successes and Failures – Tell Us About Your Thanksgiving Celebrations

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Recently, I wrote about humor in the workplace and thought it would be good to put some of the principles in action. And Thanksgiving seemed like a good time to ask about and share some successes and “fails” people have experienced over the years.

While the Thanksgiving holiday and giving gratitude at work are important, I personally have become a little worn down by all of the reminders to “be sure and tell your colleagues you are thankful for them.” (If you do want something in that vein, read this past entry from our blog.) Let’s agree that is a given and move on to other ‘turkey day’ topics.

There are lots of aspects of Thanksgiving we enjoy — being in the presence of family and friends (the ones we like, at least), time off work (for many), the bountiful array of food.

But this year, we’ve also been thinking of all the things we aren’t particularly fond of; being interrogated by family members, inevitable political clashes, the insanity of trying to travel, the difficulty in accommodating (or being) vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free, those on Paleo or Keto diets, and the inevitable exhaustion of hosting.

So, we wanted to lighten the mood with a poll of our readers. We’d like you to share/ commiserate/ laugh at strange customs we might share, or surprise others with things unique to us and our families.

Go to this link and take our short survey.  NOTE: The results are more fun and humorous with your examples! (Which will be shared anonymously.)

We’ll share the results in the Thanksgiving week’s blog and newsletter.

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November 8, 2021 9:00 am

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