How the 5 Languages of Appreciation Can Be Used in Coaching

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In honor of International Coaching Week – which takes place from April 29th to May 5th this year – we are using this week’s blog to talk about Appreciation at Work’s coaching resources.

Professional coaches can transform an organization and empower employees and leaders. They work with staff at all levels, developing leaders, management teams, and individuals who need to shore up their interpersonal skills. Whether you are an “external” coach (hired by an organization to work with their members) or an “internal” trainer (working within the HR or Talent Development department), you need practical, effective tools to use with your clientele.

We are committed to helping individuals and organizations practically apply The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace in their daily work settings. To do this, we have developed a number of tools for coaches to use with their clients – to be able to train supervisors and colleagues how to communicate appreciation effectively in their workplace. We have a saying: “Knowledge without application is wasted gray space” and we strive to provide easy-to-use resources that make application doable.

Demonstrated Applicability for Coaches

Working with coaches, consultants and trainers is not new to us. We have over 750 individuals (in 26 countries) who have become Certified Facilitators for using either our Appreciation at Work, Toxic Workplace, or Vibrant Workplace training materials. These turn-key resources include videos, facilitator’s guides, handouts, PowerPoint slides and follow-up emails for trainers to use in half-day, full-day, or a series of one-hour training sessions. These kits provide external trainers with a “door opening” tool to deliver group training to organizations, and develop ongoing coaching relationships as a follow-on service.

For several years, Dr. White’s presentations, leadership training, and webinars have been approved by the International Coaching Federation for professional credit. The ICF recently approved our online courses (some of which also provide college credit); one of these courses is being offered this summer.

Dr. White has previously spoken at the World Business Executive Coaching Summit and will present again this summer and in 2020. (The first pre-Summit session is free; click here for more information.)

His article, “Helping Your Clients Improve Employee Engagement Through Authentic Appreciation,” was recently published on the ICF blog, and he has also given an online webinar to regional and state ICF chapters.

Core Skills are Addressed with Online Assessment and Structured Tools

“Soft skills” development has become a mantra in the coaching arena, especially with employees and leaders in technology, engineering and computer science. Our resources address the assessment and development of key skills including communication, perspective-taking ability, and proactive planning. With over 185,000 individuals having taken the Motivating By Appreciation Inventory, we have an outstanding database of how different groups of employees prefer to be shown appreciation.

Individual Online Courses

Sometimes coaches need a resource that addresses a specific topic or need for the individual they are coaching, and it would be helpful to have a tool that can be used outside of the coaching session. We have developed a series of individual online tutorials for this need – where individual employees can go through a self-paced, online training process to learn specific practical tools to use in their everyday work lives – dealing with dysfunctional colleagues, surviving a toxic leader, how to show effective appreciation to one’s colleagues.

Affiliated Certified Facilitators – For Small Organizations

Sometimes a smaller organization needs some targeted coaching and training but they don’t have an internal HR trainer and may not need someone from their organization to become a Certified Facilitator themselves. In this situation, we have several qualified professional trainers who can be engaged for single training engagements. To learn more about becoming a Certified Facilitator for Appreciation at Work, click here.


Whether you are an executive coach, organizational consultant, or internal HR trainer, our resources can help you serve your clientele more fully – in developing critical soft skills in leaders, improving employee engagement, and making a more positive workplace culture. Learn more about which tools will help you the most – hundreds of thousands of managers and employees are already experiencing the benefits!


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