Practical Tools Available to Apply the 5 Languages of Appreciation to Your Workplace

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We provide easy-to-use tools to help leaders and colleagues practically apply the 5 languages of appreciation to their daily work relationships.

I like to say that, “Information without application is wasted grey matter.”

As a result, a key focus of our work is to provide easy-to-use tools to help leaders and colleagues practically apply the 5 languages of appreciation to their daily work relationships.

I want to share about the resources we have created (many of which are FREE) to let you know about the wide variety of tools available. I’ve divided them into categories to make them easier to find and use.

  1. Online Resources for Individuals and Groups (free)

  • MBAI Group Report (new) Allows you obtain a summary report of all of your team members’ Motivating By Appreciation Inventory results in one place.Work Personality Test and Assessment
  • MBAI Group Profile  An editable form where you can plot your team’s results in a visual graphic of everyone’s primary, secondary and least valued languages.
  • MBAI Action Item List  Another valuable template in which you can list the most important actions of appreciation for each of your team members.
  • Cubicle Poster A fun 8 ½” x 11” poster that lists each individual’s primary and secondary language of appreciation AND their top 1-2 action items; you can also add your company’s logo.
  • Decision-making Guide Provides information and a decision-tree to help you determine which of our resources best fit your team’s needs.
  1. Online Sources of Information (free access)

3.Visual Symbols

If you want to help change your workplace culture, visual images are a key component to help remind team members to communicate appreciation in their daily work life:Download the 'Path to a Positive Workplace Culture' PDF from Appreciation at Work to develop authentic appreciation and create greater employee engagement in your workplace.

  • Lanyards  Color-coded with the name of each language of appreciation.
  • Buttons  Bright, colorful 1” lapel buttons of each appreciation language icon.
  • 5 Languages of Appreciation at Work Icons (free) These thumbnail images can be added to your email signature or to make posters unique to your workplace.
  • T-shirts  Created by one of our corporate clients, available in each language of appreciation.
  • Pinterest — (free) Memes, posters, and quotes related to appreciation.
  • Infographic (free) A Path to a Culture of Appreciation
  1. Products in our Online Shop

  • The Appreciation at Work Online “Train the Trainer” Course Our primary training resource, used by over 800 trainers in 60 countries. It can be structured in a half-day workshop or a series of one-hour sessions and includes videos, PowerPoint slides, Facilitator’s Guide, Participant Guides, and follow-up emails.
  • The Individual Online Appreciation at Work Tutorial  An online version of the Appreciation at Work content for individuals to go through at their own pace.
  • The Appreciation at Work Small Group Kit  A tailored bundle of resources for a small team of 10 people or less to use in applying the 5 languages across their team.
  • Making It Stick  (pamphlet) A brief resource full of practical activities and discussion questions to help work groups continue to discuss and apply the 5 languages.
  • The Vibrant Workplace (book) The follow-up to the 5 Languages of Appreciation, identifies and provides solutions to the 10 most common obstacles to creating a workplace culture of appreciation.
  • The Vibrant Workplace Toolkit A full training kit that is easily adapted to a variety of training settings and lengths – includes videos, facilitator’s guide, participant modules, and PowerPoint slides.
  • Motivating by Appreciation Inventory  Our online assessment which assists supervisors, managers, and coworkers to communicate appreciation to their colleagues in ways that are meaningful and which “hit the mark” for the person you want to encourage.
  • The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace (book) Available in paperback, audiobook, Kindle and 18 languages!
  • Appreciation At Work Rating Scale Reporting Package  For those organizations and leaders who want an objective assessment of the specific behaviors related to individuals feeling appreciated. It can be used (solely) as a measure of team members’ level of feeling appreciated or used as a pre-training / post-training assessment to establish the effectiveness of the Appreciation at Work training.
  • Sync or Swim (book) A short introduction to the 5 languages of appreciation in the form of a fable. An easy, fun read!


I am excited about all the different tools we have created to help individuals and groups more easily apply the 5 languages and communicate appreciation to each other. And I am proud of the consistent positive feedback we receive from those who use them! (Feel free to drop us a quick note with your story, at

The Five Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace a book to make work relationships better.The Vibrant Workplace a book to help overcome the obstacles to building a culture of appreciation.Rising Above a Toxic Workplace a book about taking care of yourself in an unhealthy environmentSync or Swim a Fable about Workplace Communication and Coming Together in a Crisis

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