Is There Time for Appreciation in a Restaurant? 

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Fast paced and noisy.

Often over worked and taking on too many more tabletops than they’re supposed to. Dealing with hungry and “hangry” people (people who get really angry when they’re hungry).

In any business, your frontline employees (those who are in direct contact with your customer) actually “are” the company in the mind of the customer.

It’s even more important in these interactions that your team understand their own language of appreciation and seek clues and confirmation of the language of appreciation of their co-workers and customers.

In the fast paced nature of the hospitality industry, effectively appreciating your employees directly affects your bottom-line.  It directly affects productivity, their interaction with customers and the customer experience and reviews.

How can you teach and model appreciation in a fast paced environment?


It’s challenging to get to know people when orders are stacked up and salads need to be made. During orientation, make the time to find out how your new team member likes to be appreciated.  It can even be a checklist that you include on an employee information/orientation form.

A direct question like:  What’s the best way to thank you?

It can even have multiple choice answers or a fill in the blank type space for them to detail what’s the best way they like to be appreciated and recognized.

2.Plan to meet individually

Schedule time in each day to spend just a few minutes with each team member.  It will give you a chance to update them on the day, specials, shortages, special events and even to thank them in the language of appreciation that’s their language.


Spend some time watching your team in action so you can catch them doing something right.  It’s important to remember: manage things; lead people.

In order to lead people, you need to be able to assess and gauge where they came from and what they’re accomplishing.

4.Communicate immediately

It needs to be immediate and personal.  Remember, to not only focus on the actions that you appreciate but to focus on them as a person. What character traits do they have that you appreciate?  What values do they bring to your restaurant that really help make the customer experience even better?

Make it personal. Be specific. Let them know how them being them has made your life easier.

5.Train and teach

Often from a leader this is done by modeling.  When you model and teach them about genuine appreciation and sharing it in a way that is meaningful to the person you’re appreciating, they will in turn practice that with their co-workers, your customers and even with their families.

Here are some great customer service books that can be helpful to you in other aspects of restaurant management, too.

Please be sure to share your personal stories of genuine appreciation in your restaurant in the comments section.

Maria Elena Duron is a connector, trainer and coach. Small Business Owners that work with Maria Elena develop a profitable relationship building system, appeal to their brand advocates, and increase sales. Take the uncertainty out of how your personal and business brand delivers business – Get Your Checklist.

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August 28, 2014 8:32 am

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