Using the Knowledge You Have Makes All the Difference: Resources to Help Your Team Apply the 5 Languages

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At Appreciation at Work, one of our goals is to make it easy to apply the concept of communicating authentic appreciation to your daily work life. We have worked hard to provide a wide range of resources to meet the needs of various types of organizations – from small non-profit organizations and family-owned businesses, to schools, medical offices, government agencies, and multinational organizations.

Sometimes it can be confusing to know: a) what resources are available; b) how they differ; and c) which one best fits the needs and culture of your organization. So, we thought it would be good to give a summary to address these issues.

Appreciation at Work (AAW) Implementation Kit & Online Train-the-Trainer Course

Our primary resource is the Appreciation at Work Implementation Kit which provides several videos, participant booklets, a facilitator’s guide book and PowerPoint versions of the videos.

Through this training course, participants will learn about the five languages of appreciation and what they look like in daily work life, understand the core concepts of appreciation and encouragement and how important they are in the workplace, and recognize the negative results that occur when team members don’t feel valued or appreciated. The training can be structured in half-day, full-day, or a series of one hour training sessions over time.

A self-paced online “train-the-trainer” course (which typically takes less than two hours to go through), provides all of the instruction needed to lead groups through the training. This online course is designed to give HR professionals, Learning & Development leaders, and corporate consultants the tools and skills necessary to effectively train individuals and groups in the proven principles of The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace. (Note: Subtitles are available to assist those for whom English is not their primary language, and the AAW implementation kit is available in Spanish.)

Additionally, for those who want to hire a trainer to take your group through the training, we have Certified Facilitators across the country (and world!).

Virtual Appreciation at Work Training Kit

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the following cultural shifts in workplaces, we realized that a training resource which could be used with virtual teams was needed. As a result, we created the Virtual Appreciation at Work Training kit which can be delivered when team members cannot meet together in person.

This convenient, turn-key solution will prepare and equip you to conduct a first-class virtual event. The training is an effective and convenient resource to engage your regional and worldwide teams. This complete 6-module program includes videos, PowerPoint slide decks, facilitator’s guide, follow-up handouts and assignments, and other support resources.

Each module is designed to be used in 45 to 60 minute interactive video conferences. The content reflects the results of our nationally published research on remote employee relationships. 

AAW Small Group Discussion Kit

Do you have a small group (3 – 8) of employees that you want to lead through a process of applying The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace?

While we have created cost-effective training resources, the cost of the online Appreciation at Work Train-the-Trainer course can be prohibitive for some small businesses and organizations. As a result, we have put together an alternative. 

The AAW Small Group Discussion Kit provides a leader with the foundational information and supplementary materials used in the more extensive training kit for large groups. This allows teams to apply the 5 languages of appreciation in their day-to-day work setting. This can be done through a series of “lunch and learn” discussions or a longer, self-led half-day workshop.

The AAW Small Group Discussion Kit includes access to the Appreciation at Work Individual Online Tutorial for one person, ten Appreciation at Work Participant Guides, two brief introductory videos by Dr. White, and an answer key for the Appreciation at Work Participant Guides. NOTE: This resource does not include training videos for the group.

Individual Online Tutorial

This is a self-paced multi-modular mixed media course comprised of audio graphic lectures, video commentary by Dr White and quizzes. This course price also includes one code for taking the Motivating By Appreciation Inventory (MBAI) which will help you to identify your language of appreciation and effectively communicate appreciation with your colleagues and associates.

The Individual Online Tutorial course can be utilized both as a “fill-in” for individuals who were not able to attend a group training session, and can also be used as part of an organization’s online HR training program (bulk discounts are available).

Have Dr. Paul White come speak to your organization (virtually or in-person)

In addition to being an energetic and vibrant live presenter, Dr. White has worked hard to develop a process for presenting virtually that keeps attendees engaged. Please call 316-681-4431 or email to discuss having Dr. White speak to your group.

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To help you determine which training resource might best fit the needs of your organization, we’ve developed a comparison chart detailing the various options. We are excited about all the different tools we have created to help individuals and groups more easily apply the 5 languages and communicate appreciation to each other. And we are proud of the consistent positive feedback we receive from those who use our materials!

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