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We’ve all heard the phrase, “build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.  It’s a myth. It’s just not true. In our hyper-connected world, whether or not you have the best mousetrap doesn’t get you the business, land you the job or even make you memorable. It might make you visible and that’s about as far as the “best mousetrap” will get you. The phrase needs amendment to read, “even if you have the best mousetrap in the world if people don’t know you, or like you and trust you – then they’re not going to do business with you. Period.”

I remember when the old “Godfather” phrase would ring true, “it’s not personal, it’s business”. Perhaps at one time, this was true. Yet, no more. Nowadays, in the spotlight of social media, the frenzy of cell phones and our increasingly time deprived days- it’s all personal.

How do you garner “know, like and trust”? How do you become that indispensable brand that people will walk over your best competitors or candidates to shake your hand or say ‘hello’? You value others. It’s just that simple. Although, don’t be fooled because simple doesn’t mean that it’s easy.

1. Give people the opportunity to sample your competence and character.

Jobseekers: Do you volunteer? Give others the opportunity to see what you can do? Who you are when you volunteer or participate in sports is who you are. Do you stay connected with past professors and old friends? Do you nurture connections with new contacts? Do you say thank you and do you notice people, listen to them and value them.

Entrepreneurs: Do you give exemplary customer service? Understand that “good service” is to be expected – it’s not unique and sometimes it’s not even memorable. Yet, great service provides others the opportunity to see that you do what you say you’re going to do. The statement, ‘the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is a just a little extra” holds true.

2. Genuinely care.

Take the time to learn what’s important to others. Listening more than talking can unearth valuable information into what’s important to someone, what drives them and what drives them crazy.

Do you ask how you can help them? What you can do to make this process easier for them? What’s important to them? What matters most?

3. Authentically appreciate those you’re grateful for.

How often do you stop and express your appreciation for someone? I’m not talking about a quick ‘thank you’ text or a short email and not even an automated e-card.  What I’m referring to is a genuine thank you. It could be simple as a quick, handwritten thank you note. It could be knowing what they’re struggling with the most and helping them out or sending resources (books, knowledge, contacts) their way to assist. It’s slowing down long enough to notice someone, value exactly what you appreciate about them, genuinely expressing that value and engaging them.

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Maria Elena Duron makes marketing simple and makes business connections work, online and offline.  She is founder of #brandchat recognized as the #6 Twitter Chat in the world for businesses by Mashable, Simply Measured and Cision. Duron is a Premier Partner with Appreciation at Work.  For more information about Maria Elena, visit

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May 14, 2014 2:37 pm

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