The Vibrant Workplace: How to Build a Positive Workplace Culture

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I am excited to let you know about the release of my new book, The Vibrant Workplace: Overcoming the Obstacles to Building a Culture of Appreciationwhich came out in bookstores this week.

The Vibrant Workplace is a summary of the lessons learned over the past 7+ years while helping organizations and leaders implement authentic appreciation in their workplaces.  Since creating a positive workplace culture is not the easiest thing to do, I identify the 10 most common challenges experienced, the underlying issues creating the obstacles faced, and give practical steps to overcome them.

The issues addressed in the book, and what to do to get past them, include:

  • When your leaders really aren’t interested in having a “positive workplace” culture
  • When you experience “pushback” from leaders, either their questioning the need to show appreciation to employees for doing their job, or because they don’t feel valued themselves
  • In response to resistance — understanding the various levels and types of responses required
  • In a workplace totally immersed in negativity
  • With managers, supervisors & employees who already feel overwhelmed and too busy to take on anything else
  • In dealing with the unique challenges of various work settings (government agencies, medical facilities, schools, the military, virtual employees, non-profit organizations)
  • With co-workers who are seriously different than you — generationally, personality-wise, their background & values
  • When you experience significant cultural differences (either truly cross-cultural, or just regional)
  • With low performers, toxic achievers, and how to keep your solidly average colleagues engaged.

A key theme throughout the book is understanding the differences between recognition and appreciation, and the need to value people as people, not just as work producers. The second important emphasis is on practical tips for steps any individual can take (regardless of their position in a organization) to begin to build a positive, vibrant workplace.

(If you want some more specifics, go to our Pinterest page to see some quotes from the book as well as the endorsements from a variety of leaders in the practical world of work.)


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April 6, 2017 12:38 pm

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