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Lead Others With Employee Motivation in the Workplace

Become a Certified Facilitator of Appreciation at Work™ and the Motivating by Appreciation Inventory

For those who want to join the The 5 Languages of Appreciation Community and use the Appreciation at Work™ training resources as part of their professional services, we have developed a self-paced eLearning certification course and implementation kit. This program is designed to give professional trainers, coaches and consultants the tools and skills necessary to effectively train individuals and groups in the proven principles of The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace.

In this evidence-based online training course, you will learn from Dr. White on how to lead groups through the Appreciation at Work training effectively, with him giving examples to use and tips to make the training go well.

Need help deciding which resources your group need? See a chart comparing the various AAW training resources.

Certified Facilitators of The 5 Languages of Appreciation at Work


Utilizing humor, personal stories and interactive techniques, he delivers insightful and practical information in ways that sets him at a level above other online training experiences you’ve experienced. 

Commonly requested topics include:

  • How to Support & Encourage Your Remote Employees

  • Building a Positive Workplace through Authentic Appreciation

  • Neutralizing Negativity 

“Our team thoroughly enjoyed Dr. White’s virtual presentation on Building a Positive Workplace through Authentic Appreciation. It was evident Dr. White spent time researching our business and employees to ensure he was able to connect, engage and bring his presentation to life. Dr. White used tools like polls and breakout groups to facilitate questions, dialogue and sharing by the participants. I highly recommend Dr. White to any organization or group who values and desires to enhance its culture through mutual appreciation”

Bethany Hawkins, Elev8 Director, The Colannade Group

Online Toxic Workplace Individual Tutorials

The 5 videos can stand alone to address individual topics or be combined with others to create training tailored to meet specific needs.

premiere partners

Our Premiere Partner program is for those individuals and groups who want to work more closely together with Dr. White and our Appreciation at Work leadership team to gain the full benefit of expertise and global experience in working with organizations to improve their workplace relationships. When becoming a Premiere Partner, you will receive the following benefits:

  • personal, one-on-one interactions with Dr. White to ask questions and learn from his experience;
  • monthly conversations with members of our leadership team to assist you in developing marketing strategies and how best to use our resources in serving your clients;
  • the opportunity to co-author articles with Dr. White, increasing your credibility in the marketplace;
  • the ability to post guest blogs on our Appreciation at blog;
  • have Dr. White create an introductory video for you which can be used in marketing and within training engagements;
  • work together with Dr. White and our leadership to create new resources (often, within a business co-partnership) for our clientele.

If you are an Appreciation at Work Certified Facilitator interested in finding out more about our Premiere Partnerships, email Seth Michelson or call him directly (316-681-4428).

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affiliated certified facilitators

Looking for a Certified Facilitator in your area to help lead a group through one of our training processes?

We have over 960 facilitators across the globe who can help you. Click here to see a listing of our Affiliated Facilitators who partner with us to provide Appreciation at Work training to leaders and work teams. Training is available regarding The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, How to Avoid Becoming a Toxic Workplace, and The Vibrant Workplace: Overcoming the Obstacles to Building a Culture of Appreciation.

individual online tutorial

Do you need an online course for individuals?

The Appreciation at Work Individual Online Tutorial is designed for individual employees and supervisors to take online at their convenience. This self-paced course includes videos by Dr. White, voiceover instruction with example stories, and short quizzes to confirm understanding. The course includes a code to take the Motivating By Appreciation Inventory and typically takes 90 – 120 minutes to complete (but can be done in sections.) While the course covers all of the essential components and information covered in the Appreciation at Work Implementation Kit, the individual tutorial course is not designed (nor suitable) to be used for group instruction as it does not contain the support resources needed to train groups of employees. The AAW Individual Online Tutorial is an excellent resource for:

  • individual leadership development
  • bringing a new team member who missed a group training “up to speed” on the 5 languages of appreciation
  • an internal HR training program with course offerings
  • use for instruction within the context of a professional development / coaching engagement.

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If you are interested in using the individual course for professional continuing education or an internal HR training program, please contact us at

our commitment

We are committed to helping individuals and organizations practically apply The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace in their daily work settings. Therefore, we have developed a number of tools to assist supervisors and colleagues in communicating appreciation effectively in their workplace. We have a saying: “Knowledge without application is wasted gray space.”

Find the best training resource for your group!

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