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Scott Brunscheen, Executive Director – Faith at Work

“Dr. White is an inspiring and humorous speaker whose message includes very actionable items to use in daily work life.  His talk was well-balanced and supported by research, and people could relate personally to his stories and examples.  We had a strong response (regarding the number who attended the event) and incredible comments from our guests who were comprised of business owners, and community and nonprofit leaders.  Overall, the luncheon was positive, encouraging, and able to be applied in virtually every type of work setting”

Michael T, Management Analyst – HUD Learning, Enrichment, and Resource Network

“Creating a Positive Workplace through Authentic Appreciation, should be mandatory for supervisors at all levels. By using humor, videos and his interaction with the audience, Dr. White actively engages the participants in a way that is humorous and keeps you laughing. The principles provided are easy to understand, apply, and remember. More importantly, the information is relevant to daily life in the workplace and resonates with your own personal experiences. I would absolutely recommend Dr. White to others, especially to government agencies with limited funds who are trying to get impactful training with long lasting effects.”

Josh Nickell, Owner – Nickell Rental 

Nickell Rental is a family-owned equipment rental business that serves communities around the Greater Atlanta area. They hold the honor of being ranked, multiple times, by Inc. Magazine’s prestigious list of the most successful private companies in the nation. “A key component of our growth is having motivated and highly engaged teams,” says Josh Nickell, owner of Nickell Rental. “Offering encouragement and genuine appreciation is a driving force for team engagement and effectiveness. The MBA Inventory allows us a simple way of understanding how we can best encourage the individuals on our team in an impactful and meaningful way.”

Jack W. Bruce, 2016 President SHRM-Atlanta & VP Strategic Operations – The Benefit Company

“Dr. Paul White’s keynote presentation on the 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, for our SHRM-Atlanta annual HR conference, was right on target.  Our membership is made up of HR and business professionals at various stages of their careers and from a variety of industries and from organizations ranging in size from Fortune 100s to start-ups. Yet Dr. White was able to draw on his vast experience and deliver a presentation that was relevant across our diverse membership.  His presentation was engaging, current and relevant.  He combined solid research with actual work-life experiences to show how authentic appreciation positively... Continue reading...

Jack W. Bruce, 2016 President SHRM-Atlanta

“Dr. Paul White’s keynote presentation on the 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, for our SHRM-Atlanta annual HR conference, was right on target. His presentation was engaging, current and relevant.  He combined solid research with actual work-life experiences to show how authentic appreciation positively affects the success and bottom line of an organization.  This was extremely relevant to our SHRM members – helping us to enhance our leadership skills in our member organizations.”

Bruce Burnett, President & CLU – Wichita Estate Planning Council

“Dr. White proactively pursues ways to connect with the audience – before, during and after the presentation.  He doesn’t just speak to you but does a great job of getting attendees involved in the process.  His message of discovering ways to communicate appreciation effectively to peers and staff was enlightening and the concepts will help both law firms and a variety of organizations.”

Lisa Holley, Corporate Human Resources, Learning and Development Consultant – Insperity

“Dr. White was warm and inviting in how he related to us. It was obvious that he made himself knowledgeable about our group and the purpose of the event. He did not come across as if he was “performing,” like many other speakers do. He was very personal and his presentation flowed so smoothly. His interaction style was both fun and honest. We had tons of communication with Dr. White and his office pre event, which helped lead to the success of the event. The research at the beginning of the presentation was very eye opening and helpful, and the content he... Continue reading...

Stacie Engelmann, SHRM-KC President 2015

“Dr. Paul White’s keynote, Improving Staff Morale with Authentic Appreciation, was a great way to kick-off our annual conference as our SHRM members and attendees wanted an important message that they could learn and apply to their company. We doubled our anticipated attendance and our members were able to take back practical resources to help integrate appreciation into their workplace. Dr. White was funny, brought positive energy to the session and engaged well with the audience. Dr. White and his team were at the “top of their game” — they were great and a pleasure to work with. If you’re... Continue reading...

Tan Sri Francis Yeoh, CBE, Managing Director, YTL Group of Companies

“I am glad that Dr. Gary Chapman and Dr. Paul White have written this timely book.  I don’t know a more dignified and effective workforce than one operating from a position of worth, integrity, and confidence, as well as one that excels in language of appreciation.  This book will help you transform the workplace with godly values and a simple ‘People Come first!’ approach.” Tan Sri Francis Yeoh, Primus Inter Pares (First Among Equals) and Honoree of the 2010 Oslo Business for Peace Award.

Patricia Shane, Ph.D, M.P.H. Associate Professor – College of Pharmacy Touro University, California

“You were absolutely fantastic!!  We are collectively very appreciative of the time you shared with us and the humor you brought to our sometimes entirely too self-involved small community. I think your presentation single-handedly boosted morale and lubricated worthwhile connections among those sitting across several unspoken divides — either in the hierarchy or in their different departments and sitting snugly within our individual professional disciplines. I have never heard this group share this much laughter.  Somehow you managed to find a collective funny bone without offending even those with a somewhat desiccated sense of humor.  And we know about the healing powers... Continue reading...