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Eric Dingler, Founder of Family Life Univeristy

“The combination of using DISC Profile along with Appreciation Languages is the holy grail of effective HR leadership”

John Rolfe, Houston Convention Bureau

“Dr. White’s material is relevant, particularly to our ever-changing, multi-generational workforce. His appreciation concepts are beneficial to everyone in the workforce, regardless of a person’s level in the company. His information has helped me feel more aware of issues relating to appreciation in my workplace and in society.”

John Duncan, PhD, CPA, Dean of School of Business – Charleston Southern University

“In a business environment where employees are often over-worked and underappreciated, it is important to personally communicate encouragement to our colleagues, superiors, customers and vendors. Dr. White’s 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace presentation addresses this timely issue, with insight and relevance. His style is engaging and effective, teaching us how to impact our workplace and community with genuine encouragement.”

Julie Spires, Director of Leadership Training, Chick-Fil-A

“Our work with the The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace (and the results from the Motivating By Appreciation Inventory) has been wonderful.  We are really pleased with the outcomes we are seeing.  There has been a camaraderie develop among our team members. We started with our Directors…”

Joel Lamoreaux, Corporate trainer – Deluxe Corp

“Our partnership with Dr. Paul White has been fantastic! They have our best interest in mind. Very flexible with the approach, making sure we customize something that works really well for our environment…”

Joel Lamoreaux

Jeff Ukrop, Certified Appreciation at Work Facilitator

“I recently completed my first training with the Appreciation at Work materials. The training went really well and was well received by the management team. A key “turning point” was when the CEO heard (and accepted) input from the team that not everyone is encouraged in the same way that he is. Specifically, people like to go out to lunch with him but they don’t always want to talk about work. This was an “ah-ha” moment for him and the topic generated a lot of energy in the training. Since our time together, he has become an ‘evangelist’ for the 5 Languages, telling his friends and business associates all about them!”

Bobby Ukrop, President & CEO – Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods

“A fabulous team-building experience. I’m telling my peers they should connect their teams with the Appreciation at Work training.”

Dr. Keith J. Hamilton, President – Alaska Christian College

“Great presentation on The 5 Languages of Appreciation. I know that we stand with other agencies and ministries who can really benefit from your teaching and leadership in this critical area for our overall health as a college community”

Stephen P. Stahr, CEO – Million Dollar Round Table

“During my first full year as CEO of a Chicago area-based association, one of my top priorities was the enhancement of our organization’s internal culture. The 5 Languages of Appreciation book and accompanying tools were an integral part of this effort…”

Jay Anders, Director of Leadership Development – MillerCoors, Inc.

“What works well is the fact that the MBA Inventory identifies not only an individual’s language of appreciation but they can also choose the specific actions important to them, and from whom they desire those actions.”

Linn, Director of Government Entity

“The information was so well received! I have already seen changes in people’s behavior and have seen the languages exhibited. Thanks for this important work about improving relationships in the workplace”

Debbie McNeely, Kid Care Director – Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church

“I bought the book for my administration and leadership team and we were “blown away” – we want to transform our school and learn how to speak to each other in a language of appreciation!! I have 61 staff members and my goal is to learn their language and learn how to genuinely speak to each one of them!!!”

Faye S. Hill, President & CEO – Lowcountry Pregnancy Center

“We incorporated the completed MBA Inventory results into a recent staff retreat. It has been exciting to me to see how quickly our staff grasped this concept and put into practice”

Dr. Marge Scanlin, Adjunct Faculty – Touro University-Nevada

“Perhaps the most down-to-earth required reading in our course, made the greatest impact on students’ thinking and behavior. It was a valuable addition to our course on Supervision of Program and Personnel!”

Lester J. Hirst, Ph.D. Curriculum & Professional Development Manager – Compassion International

“In team dynamics, knowing each other’s “language of appreciation” can make the difference between the team that gels and becomes synergistic, and those that never quite make it.”

Jonathan Mwaba, Graduate Student – John Brown University

“Dr. White’s message is a timely reminder of the need for corporate and community organizations to champion workplace environments that foster genuine appreciation. His message is very simple, employees being appreciated will likely reach their potential, be more committed…”

Mike Jordahl, National Director – The Navigators

“Wow! Five Languages of Appreciation In The Workplace is succinct and simple even as it is deep in significance and truly helpful. My marriage greatly benefited from The Five Love Languages and now my work is greatly benefitting from Five Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace – both with teams I lead and the teams I serve on. As it has helped me, this resource is sure to be a help to many workplace teams all over the world!”

Jeff Dearduff, Chairman – American Society of Baking

“As the Chairman of ASB and the one responsible for bringing keynote speakers to the annual event, I knew that Dr. Paul White and his message based on the 5 Love Languages would fit our membership perfectly, and it did. Dr. White brought a practical approach to employee relations…”

April McBride – Canadian Red Cross

“The feedback was incredible…People felt appreciated, and motivated. It was wonderful!!!!!”

Conrade Yap, Independent Reviewer – Net Galley

“Great book…I am surprised by the simplicity and effectiveness of the concept. I particularly like the way the authors make a distinction between ‘recognition’ and ‘appreciation.’ Rating: 4.5 stars of 5”

Elizabeth H. King, PhD President & CEO – Wichita State University Foundation

“In these challenging economic times, when it has been difficult to find the resources to reward our staff monetarily, we have diligently sought ways to genuinely express our appreciation for our staff’s hard work and service. Until reading The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, and working with Dr. White to lead our staff in a workshop on this topic, I do not believe we had given any consideration to the fact that certain team members, when shown specific acts of gratitude, respond differently than other team members. We are still learning and putting new approaches into action, but over the last few months, I have seen a marked and heightened effort to personalize appreciation not only by supervisors with their staff members but also on a peer-to-peer basis.”

Lud Anderson, Training and Development Department Manager – Moody Bible Institute

“We recently implemented the 5 Languages of Appreciation personal consulting program led by Dr. Paul White. The staff members had fun learning about their own languages of appreciation and those of their workmates, while taking practical steps to show appreciation to one another. This has resulted in an even greater morale among this employee group. Word of this program has already spread to other departments of our campus and I am planning to conduct more training on the 5 Languages of Appreciation later this year. The assessment was practical and easy to complete, and eye-opening. And one of the great things is you can do this on a tight budget. I would highly recommend both the book and the training program, and I plan to use both in my employee training in the months ahead.”

Donna Watson, PhD

“By taking the MBA Inventory and using nothing more than the Appreciation at Work Implementation Kit, you’ll have the skills to improve this statistic by changing the atmosphere of any type of workplace, even in a tight global economy. Use it to enhance your organization’s greatest asset: its people.”

David Sanford, CEO – GraceMed Health Clinic, Inc.

“Learning the primary appreciation ‘languages’ has transformed our clinic from one focused on ‘corporate’ appreciation to ‘individual’ appreciation. This book has already helped us develop a sensitivity to and ability to show effective, personal appreciation for our coworkers.”

David A. Forstein, D.O. Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency Program Director, Greenville, SC

“The Motivating by Appreciation project conducted with our residents and faculty went well. I believe the concepts are clearly needed and will continue to help our organization build positive, supportive communication among the staff.”

Bill Liao, Author of Stone Soup – The secret recipe for making something from nothing

“By applying the amazing insights of the 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, you will discover simple day to day actions that you may be overlooking, that can catapult you and your team to the next level”

Erin Thurston, M.D. – University of South Carolina Medical Center

“The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace training gives people more ideas and ways to encourage others. I think in any group where you work together, you will be able to apply the concepts – with other doc’s, nurses and staff.”

Adam Gragg, Licensed Clinical Marriage & Family Therapist – EMPAC, Inc.

“The information from 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace is simple, practical, and if applied, will quickly make a positive impact on your organization. In my experience, few things motivate and inspire more than consistent appreciation and this book gives you the tools you need to quickly add it to your workplace.”

Kevin Neuenswender, Principal – Slate Creek Elementary

“I found out I was ‘missing the mark’ with my team – trying to show appreciation in ways that weren’t meaningful to them. I now can stop wasting my time and energy in doing things that aren’t effective and use the languages that are impactful for my team members. Thanks!”

Kent Humphreys, Chairman – American Health Partners

“This simple process and tool has put me light years ahead. It will greatly help your relationships and productivity as a leader.”