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Chip Ingram, President and Teaching Pastor – Living on the Edge

“This is a Great Tool! It is well thought thru, well researched, and a thoughtfully applied resource to empower your people, increase unity and productivity, and reduce turnover. I highly recommend it.”

Lynn Smith, Director of Leadership Development – Next LEVEL Leadership Canada

“The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace is timely and so very practical. Appreciation is the “pay” everyone is looking for today but few know how to either give or ask for a “raise” in that area. This book addresses not just the need for the life-giving appreciation we all need, but takes us through the process of discovering what that looks like for ourselves and for those with whom we work. Everyone who reads this book will without doubt be better equipped to create an atmosphere of appreciation in their sphere of influence wherever that is.”

Stephan Joubert, Professor – University of Pretoria and University of Nijmegen in The Netherlands

In this absolute must-read book, Gary Chapman and Paul White provide creative, practical ways to show appreciation to every single person at work, automatically boosting their confidence and productivity. This book holds the key to changing all working environments into safe and effective spaces where people can feel valued.

Josh Pearce, Human Resource Director

“We previously had an incredibly high turnover rate…But since we started the 5 Languages of Appreciation training with Dr. White, we haven’t lost any team members. The team is happier and more positive, and we actually have hired back employees. The 5 Languages of Appreciation model has had a positive impact within our organization, from the top management down to the line workers.”

Susan Bukiewicz, Regional Director of Women’s Ministries – Salvation Army

“The 5 Languages of Appreciation dovetails beautifully with other leadership training we’ve received and provides practical action steps in how to encourage one another.”

Tom Sanders, Chief Medical Director – Department of Veterans Affairs

“This was the best presentation on employee appreciation I have heard in 35 years. Very, very practical.”

Art TerKeurst, Leadership Team – Chick-Fil-A Arboretum

“We have learned very practical ways to communicate, appreciate, and model behaviors that match up with the way that we are each wired. We are excited to have this knowledge in our leadership tool belt, and look forward to applying these truths within our Team.”

Andy Erlandson, General Manager – Microsoft

“We collectively decided to invite Dr. White to present to our entire organization. He did a fantastic job of combining his passion with both intellect and humor. He connected well with my team and since his speech, we’ve changed our focus to landing authentic appreciation in a real way across the organization”

Publishers Weekly

“This is a well-researched, useful book for business leaders that offers a much needed message that won’t wear out with repetition: ‘If people enjoy their work and feel appreciated…they are far more likely to have organizational loyalty and work hard”