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Anita Fevang, Premiere Partner for Norway – Job Motivated  

“My professional partnership with Dr. Paul White and Tim Hepner has been a great, inspirational experience. Appreciation At Work is too good not to be shared throughout the globe. They’ve been extremely generous in sharing the content of the program, as well as their time and expertise. They made it possible for me to translate the book (into Norwegian), and to start providing training in the health care facilities important to the welfare state. They’ve also helped me create a clear vision of how I can make the appreciation concepts work to create a safe and happy work environment for adults at work. Thanks to their Premier Partner program, I can see the possibility of making an important difference in the world, combined with creating a sustainable business. I am grateful for their genuineness, our shared values, combined with creating a network of truly amazing people!”  www.jobbmotivert.no 


Andy Bailey, Employee Recognition, Events, & Corporate Citizenship Manager – DIRECTV

“Being able to deliver the Appreciation at Work training has given our recognition team credibility, being able to deliver value to our organization. We have moved from the “reward and party people” to subject matter experts who offer practical skills that impact our leaders. In fact, those leaders who embrace authentic appreciation and become champions in implementing it become higher potential leaders.”

Martha McCoy – Simpson University

“Dr. White was the keynote presenter for our annual Business Leadership luncheon.  We sold out the event, and had the largest crowd in 14 years, with over 550 business and community leaders attending. Dr. White was one of the best speakers we’ve had – with an upbeat, interactive style.  He was professional, yet genuine and he used a variety of delivery methods to keep the presentation interesting.  People valued the practical steps he offered…”

Ruth Watson, Organizational Development – Focus on the Family

“Dr. White came and provided the Appreciation at Work training to over 60 of our leaders and managers.  He was very enthusiastic and connected well with the attendees, proactively introducing himself to them prior to the training.  His style was professional but genuine and people responded, with a high level of engagement. The information provided was practical and helpful.  I have always thought that people leave their jobs because of a lack of appreciation, so hearing Dr. White talk about this problem was quite validating. Many attendees wanted more information on pursuing this training with their team members. My manager and I are now certified trainers, and we plan to provide training to them in the coming months.”

Paula Appel, MDS Coordinator – Global Healthcare

Dr. White’s presentation on The 5 Languages of Appreciation was very engaging.  He was direct and knowledgeable and had a way about him that made us want to listen to what he had to say.  It was like listening to a friend!  I would definitely recommend this training to others.  We left feeling very positive, realizing we are a valuable employee to our company.  Our regional team is reporting a positive difference following the training with employees feeling more respected by their supervisors.  My recommendation for anyone going through the Appreciation at Work training process it to ‘Sit back and listen.  Soak it up, and it will hit home’.

Jon Rolph, Conference Director – Wichita YPO

“Dr. Whites keynote topic is applicable to any industry. Appreciation is a common denominator and his presentation easily sets up follow through for the organization. Unlike some presentations, it is easy to integrate and apply afterwards. The presentation is applicable to key associates as well as presidents and CEOs”


Caleb Cornelius, President – Florida Association of Bursars and Student Accounting Administrators

“Having Dr. White as our keynote speaker was the perfect way to kick off the rest of the conference; He was so engaging, and very relatable! He was very interactive and reached out to our specialized group and talked about what was important to us”


Jamie Lanphear, Chapter President – ATD Pikes Peak

“Dr. White’s approach is relevant and timely for today’s workplace—I appreciated that he had tools and techniques that I could easily take back and begin to use”

Jill Joiner, Organizational Development Facilitator – Shook, Hardy & Bacon L.L.P

“I had the privilege of attending Dr. Paul White’s keynote presentation at the Association of Talent Development, Kansas City Chapter (ATD-KC) Fall Conference. His presentation was enlightening and highly informative on how we need to focus on how we are appreciating others at work and ways to make this a part of our daily routine. He has a presentation you will definitely want to see”

Barbara Weathers, VP Programs and Events – Association for Talent Development (ATD-KC)

“Dr. Paul White has an interesting combination of characteristics. On the one hand, he is humorous, engaging and an energetic presenter – like an entertainer.  But, on the other hand, he has a relaxed, conversational style which makes him approachable and easy to relate to. The information he shares is practical and relevant to virtually anyone, regardless of their position in an organization. I would highly recommend Dr. White to others – he will be enjoyed by and beneficial to a wide range of industries and organizations”