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Patricia Shane, Ph.D, M.P.H. Associate Professor – College of Pharmacy Touro University, California

“You were absolutely fantastic!!  We are collectively very appreciative of the time you shared with us and the humor you brought to our sometimes entirely too self-involved small community. I think your presentation single-handedly boosted morale and lubricated worthwhile connections among those sitting across several unspoken divides — either in the hierarchy or in their different departments and sitting snugly within our individual professional disciplines. I have never heard this group share this much laughter.  Somehow you managed to find a collective funny bone without offending even those with a somewhat desiccated sense of humor.  And we know about the healing powers of laughter. Thank you so much!”


Kevin Neuenswender, Principal – Slate Creek Elementary

“I found out I was ‘missing the mark’ with my team – trying to show appreciation in ways that weren’t meaningful to them. I now can stop wasting my time and energy in doing things that aren’t effective and use the languages that are impactful for my team members. Thanks!”

Faye S. Hill, President & CEO – Lowcountry Pregnancy Center

“We incorporated the completed MBA Inventory results into a recent staff retreat. It has been exciting to me to see how quickly our staff grasped this concept and put into practice”

Debbie McNeely, Kid Care Director – Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church

“I bought the book for my administration and leadership team and we were “blown away” – we want to transform our school and learn how to speak to each other in a language of appreciation!! I have 61 staff members and my goal is to learn their language and learn how to genuinely speak to each one of them!!!”

Lud Anderson, Training and Development Department Manager – Moody Bible Institute

“We recently implemented the 5 Languages of Appreciation personal consulting program led by Dr. Paul White. The staff members had fun learning about their own languages of appreciation and those of their workmates, while taking practical steps to show appreciation to one another. This has resulted in an even greater morale among this employee group. Word of this program has already spread to other departments of our campus and I am planning to conduct more training on the 5 Languages of Appreciation later this year. The assessment was practical and easy to complete, and eye-opening. And one of the great things is you can do this on a tight budget. I would highly recommend both the book and the training program, and I plan to use both in my employee training in the months ahead.”

Linda Brown, Principal – Griffith Elementary

“I want you know how thankful I am that you worked speaking to our staff into your busy schedule.  Our staff, for the most part, has been feeling underappreciated and overworked.  After reading The 5 Love Languages and understanding the ways of feeling Loved – I decided to look into the The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace. I decided to order another 65 so all staff members would have it when they came back to school. We started talking about it, the staff have all taken the survey, and we are working to help each other feel most appreciated in their “language of appreciation. You are a very upbeat, energizing, and entertaining speaker. After being our Guest Speaker and reading your book I’m hoping it will help us make each other feel truly appreciated. Have a great day.”


Faye S. Hill, CEO – Lowcountry Pregnancy Center

“As a CEO of a pregnancy medical center, I was eager to offer the MBA Inventory to our staff. We incorporated the completed MBA Inventory results into a recent staff retreat. This process resulted in some very interesting dialogue between staff members. They began to understand ways they could work together more closely as a team and show appreciation to each other. They loved the idea of having the desk cards with their appreciation language visible to coworkers. It has been exciting to me to see how quickly our staff grasped this concept and put into practice. We are now contemplating offering the MBA Inventory to our volunteers. In the PMC world, employee and volunteer turnover is frequent. If we can find ways to show true appreciation to our staff and volunteers, we’re going for it!”


Tan Sri Francis Yeoh, CBE, Managing Director, YTL Group of Companies

“I am glad that Dr. Gary Chapman and Dr. Paul White have written this timely book.  I don’t know a more dignified and effective workforce than one operating from a position of worth, integrity, and confidence, as well as one that excels in language of appreciation.  This book will help you transform the workplace with godly values and a simple ‘People Come first!’ approach.” Tan Sri Francis Yeoh, Primus Inter Pares (First Among Equals) and Honoree of the 2010 Oslo Business for Peace Award.

Stephan Noubert, International Leadership Consultant – Author of more than forty books

“In far too many workplaces results matter more that the people who work there.  Gary Chapman and Paul White beg to differ.  In this absolute must-read book they shift the pendulum to the art of appreciation.  In creative, yet very practical ways they show how to appreciate every single person at work, which will automatically boost the employee’s confidence and productivity.  This book holds the key to transforming all working environments into safe and effective spaces where people can feel valued once again.”