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Linn, Director of Government Entity

“The information was so well received! I have already seen changes in people’s behavior and have seen the languages exhibited. Thanks for this important work about improving relationships in the workplace”

Debbie McNeely, Kid Care Director – Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church

“I bought the book for my administration and leadership team and we were “blown away” – we want to transform our school and learn how to speak to each other in a language of appreciation!! I have 61 staff members and my goal is to learn their language and learn how to genuinely speak to each one of them!!!”

Faye S. Hill, President & CEO – Lowcountry Pregnancy Center

“We incorporated the completed MBA Inventory results into a recent staff retreat. It has been exciting to me to see how quickly our staff grasped this concept and put into practice”

Dr. Marge Scanlin, Adjunct Faculty – Touro University-Nevada

“Perhaps the most down-to-earth required reading in our course, made the greatest impact on students’ thinking and behavior. It was a valuable addition to our course on Supervision of Program and Personnel!”

Lester J. Hirst, Ph.D. Curriculum & Professional Development Manager – Compassion International

“In team dynamics, knowing each other’s “language of appreciation” can make the difference between the team that gels and becomes synergistic, and those that never quite make it.”

Jonathan Mwaba, Graduate Student – John Brown University

“Dr. White’s message is a timely reminder of the need for corporate and community organizations to champion workplace environments that foster genuine appreciation. His message is very simple, employees being appreciated will likely reach their potential, be more committed…”

Mike Jordahl, National Director – The Navigators

“Wow! Five Languages of Appreciation In The Workplace is succinct and simple even as it is deep in significance and truly helpful. My marriage greatly benefited from The Five Love Languages and now my work is greatly benefitting from Five Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace – both with teams I lead and the teams I serve on. As it has helped me, this resource is sure to be a help to many workplace teams all over the world!”

Jeff Dearduff, Chairman – American Society of Baking

“As the Chairman of ASB and the one responsible for bringing keynote speakers to the annual event, I knew that Dr. Paul White and his message based on the 5 Love Languages would fit our membership perfectly, and it did. Dr. White brought a practical approach to employee relations…”

April McBride – Canadian Red Cross

“The feedback was incredible…People felt appreciated, and motivated. It was wonderful!!!!!”

Conrade Yap, Independent Reviewer – Net Galley

“Great book…I am surprised by the simplicity and effectiveness of the concept. I particularly like the way the authors make a distinction between ‘recognition’ and ‘appreciation.’ Rating: 4.5 stars of 5”