NEW Online Toxic Workplace Individual Tutorials

The 5 videos can stand alone to address individual topics, or be combined with others to create training tailored to meet specific needs.

Toxic Workplaces - understanding what makes workplaces toxic | Appreciation at Work with Dr. Paul White
Intro Course: Understanding What Makes Workplaces Toxic
foundation-for-toxic-workplaces | Appreciation at Work with Dr. Paul White
Sick Systems: The Foundation for Toxic Workplaces
work-surviving-toxic-leaders | Appreciation at Work with Dr. Paul White
Working for & Surviving a Toxic Leader

How bad is your workplace? Learn the major components of a toxic workplace and how to determine the severity. Discover the impact toxic workplaces can have on a person’s daily life: the toll it can take on physical health, emotional health, and relationships. Includes a free code to take the Ratings of Toxic Symptoms (ROTS) scale so you can determine just how toxic your workplace is.

When the foundational structure of an organization is not built well (or not functioning well), unhealthy behaviors typically follow. We discuss the three main components that underlie a toxic work environment (poor communication, poor policies & procedures, and lack of accountability), and practical action steps to be taken to make improvements.

Are you working for a toxic leader? This course is designed to help you understand and deal with toxic leaders. We explain the top 10 characteristics of toxic leaders, the impact they have on those who work for a toxic leader, and discuss practical action steps needed to survive working for a toxic leader.

dealing-with-disfunctional-colleagues | Appreciation at Work with Dr. Paul White
Understanding & Dealing With Dysfunctional Colleagues
risnig-above-a-toxic-workplace | Appreciation at Work with Dr. Paul White
Conclusion Course: Steps for Rising Above a Toxic Workplace

Do you work with people who make your life at work miserable? This course explores different dysfunctional behaviors like blaming, making excuses and creating conflict, and shares practical techniques to help you maintain your own sanity.

This final course in the Toxic Workplace Series provides insight and advice to help you begin to improve a toxic work environment. Topics include ways you might be contributing to the negativity, practical steps for surviving a toxic workplace, and issues to consider when determining if you need to leave.