Creating a Positive Workplace through Authentic Appreciation | Profile in Success with Gordon Bernhardt

Creating a Positive Workplace through Authentic Appreciation – Profiles in Success with Gordon Bernhardt March 14, 2022

Profiles in Success Podcast (47 min)

In this episode of Profiles and Success, host Gordon Bernhard interviews Dr. Paul White shares insights from his book “The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace” and discusses the importance of showing appreciation to colleagues and employees. He emphasizes the power of personalized appreciation, highlighting the five languages of appreciation: words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, tangible gifts, and physical touch (within appropriate boundaries). Dr. White also discusses his new book “Making Things Right at Work,” which focuses on handling workplace conflict and rebuilding trust.

Throughout the interview, Dr. White shares personal anecdotes and practical advice, stressing the significance of understanding and valuing individuals’ unique preferences for appreciation. He emphasizes that appreciation is not limited to leadership roles, as anyone can contribute to creating a positive work culture. Dr. White also highlights the online assessment tool available to individuals and organizations, which helps identify preferred languages of appreciation and provides actionable strategies for expressing appreciation effectively. Overall, this episode offers valuable insights on the power of appreciation and its role in fostering positive work relationships and cultures.