Resolving conflict is a critical skill for workplace relationships with guest expert Dr. Paul White

Resolving Conflict is a Critical Skill for Workplace Relationships – My Quest for the Best with Bill Ringle

My Quest for the Best with Bill Ringle (35 min)

Dr. Paul White joins My Quest for the Best with Bill Single podcast to discuss insights around expectations, indirect communications, burnout, and rebuilding trust for small business leaders.

Key Takeaways: Conflict does not happen instantaneously. There are minor signs of tension rising, like how some of our co-workers behave differently towards us than they usually do. Recognize the signs and acknowledge the issue before it escalates. When we deprive ourselves of the things that replenish us, such as sleep, rest, or a break in between tasks to keep up with the unrealistic expectations we set in our heads, we are leading ourselves to the path of burnout.Practice direct communication as it does not only gives clarity with what you need and what you mean, it is only a sign of respect, that you trust this person to listen, and you are not bypassing them.