Appreciation at Work Presentations

Virtual presentations with dr. paul white

In addition to being an energetic and vibrant live presenter, Dr. White has worked hard to develop a process for presenting virtually that keeps attendees engaged

Utilizing humor, personal stories and interactive techniques, he delivers insightful and practical information in ways that sets him at a level above other online training experiences you’ve experienced. 

Commonly requested topics include:

  • How to Support & Encourage Your Remote Employees

  • Building a Positive Workplace through Authentic Appreciation

  • Neutralizing Negativity 

“Our team thoroughly enjoyed Dr. White’s virtual presentation on Building a Positive Workplace through Authentic Appreciation. It was evident Dr. White spent time researching our business and employees to ensure he was able to connect, engage and bring his presentation to life. Dr. White used tools like polls and breakout groups to facilitate questions, dialogue and sharing by the participants. I highly recommend Dr. White to any organization or group who values and desires to enhance its culture through mutual appreciation”

Bethany Hawkins, Elev8 Director, The Colannade Group

Dr. Paul White speaking / presenting The Expanded MBAI & Introducing the Senior Care Version | Appreciation at Work with Dr. Paul White

In-person training sessions with Dr. White

For the past 20 years, Dr. White has improved numerous businesses, schools, government agencies and non-profit organizations by helping them:

  • Learn how to create positive workplace relationships with the “5 languages of appreciation”
  • Eliminate the cynicism, sarcasm and lack of trust that can be associated with traditional recognition programs
  • Reduce staff burnout and turnover
  • Support and encourage remote and hybrid employees

Dr. White’s expertise is in improving work-based relationships and creating more positive, supportive workplace cultures. He is available to speak at conferences, association meetings, and leadership training events.

To explore having Dr. White speak to your group, please email