Are you looking for practical ways to:

Create Trust and Great Places to Work ?

Improve your workplace relationships ?

Make your work environment more positive ?

Explore Taking Your Managers, Supervisors and Employees Through the Appreciation at Work Training

When employees feel truly appreciated, organizations experience:

• Increased loyalty and decreased turnover with their employees and volunteers.
• Reduced cynicism and a more positive work environment.
• Decreased tardiness, absenteeism and workplace incident reports.

Issues and topics covered in the training process include:

• why most employee recognition programs aren’t working
• the core conditions necessary for employees to feel truly valued
• why employees don’t want appreciation just from their supervisor
• how to determine the way each employee wants to be shown appreciation
(by utilizing the results from the Motivating By Appreciation Inventory).

The training can be conducted in a half-day format, or in a series of one-hour sessions over a number of weeks, depending on what works best for your organization. Dr. Paul White or one of our Premiere Partners can provide the training for you.

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