How Toxic is Your Workplace?

All workplaces are stressful. Find out how bad your work setting is – normally stressful? really unhealthy? toxic? deadly? The Ratings Of Toxic Symptoms (ROTS) scale assesses the degree of unhealthiness of your workplace and identifies which of  seven categories you should be most concerned.  Practical steps to take, along with resources to help you, are provided in the individualized report.

Rising Above a Toxic Workplace.

Many employees experience bullying bosses, poisonous people, and soul-crushing cultures on a daily basis. Employees share authentic stories on how they cope, changed — or quit. The authors deliver hope and practical guidance to those in unhealthy workplaces.

Toxic Workplace Prevention & Repair Kit

The Toxic Workplace Prevention and Repair Kit is a turn-key resource that addresses the negativity many employees and managers experience on a daily basis such as low staff morale, dysfunction, and lack of trust.

Create a positive work environment.

The key to enjoying your work is whether you feel valued and appreciated by those around you. Learn how to communicate authentic appreciation in the ways meaningful to your coworkers.


All workplaces can be improved. Explore resources regarding the 5 languages of appreciation, how to create a vibrant workplace or survive a toxic one.