How Does Your Personality Affect Your Work?

There are hundreds of personality tests that are used in the workplace, and for different reasons. But the research is clear: how much you enjoy your job is not dependent on your personality.

What is more important than personality type is how each person prefers to be praised and shown appreciation.  Research with over 100,000 employees found that over 50% want to be appreciated in ways other than words. Discover how to help everyone on your team feel truly valued.

What’s Your Appreciation Language?

The Motivating by Appreciation Inventory is an online assessment which assists supervisors, managers, and coworkers to be able to communicate appreciation to their colleagues in ways that are meaningful and which “hit the mark” for the person you want to encourage.

create a positive work environment.

Learn how to communicate authentic appreciation in the ways meaningful to your coworkers. An access code for the abbreviated version of the Motivating by Appreciation Inventory is included in each book. 

Our Expanded MBA Inventory

Industry specific versions

The new expanded version comes loaded with action items relevant for your unique settings!


All workplaces can be improved. Explore resources regarding the 5 languages of appreciation, how to create a vibrant workplace or survive a toxic one.