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Given the extraordinary circumstances we all are facing, we want to offer our support for team members (and their supervisors) who are working from home and remotely. As a result, we have created a number of resources to be used in remote work relationships.

The Remote / Long Distance Expanded version of the MBA Inventory is designed to provide the foundational information about an individual’s primary ways they want to be shown appreciation, but specifically targets action items that are applicable to long-distance work relationships.  Incorporating the results from the national research we have published on remote employees, the results also identify the ways individuals don’t want to be shown appreciation.

The Remote version of the MBA Inventory is an excellent resource to use in combination with the Virtual Appreciation at Work Training Kit and/or when used in response to one of Dr. White’s virtual presentations.

Basic MBAI
Remote version

To learn more about the differences between Basic and Remote MBAI versions.

In the Press


“These are times of limited resources for recognizing employees in traditional ways. Leaders everywhere need to dig deeper and find ways to appreciate their staff in the most meaningful way to each employee. . . . We experienced … perhaps most importantly, morale improved by 36%”

B. SPencer

U.S. Gov’t Supervisor

“Our entire staff took the Motivating by Appreciation Inventory, … Staff members have shared that encouragement from coworkers in their primary appreciation language has increased their motivation and sense of value.”

Stephen P. Stahr

CEO – Million Dollar Round Table