How Appreciation May Impact March Madness This Year – By Paul White, PhD

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WichitaStateShockersMarch Madness (the NCAA men’s and women’s basketball tournaments) is upon us. For some, this may be the only time they watch a basketball game all year. For millions of others, March Madness provides the opportunity to cheer their favorite team, and to place some friendly wagers in the office pool for the tournament bracket.

This year’s tournament, interestingly, may be impacted by the concept of appreciation. One men’s team that is being watched closely by many (for different reasons) is Wichita State University.

The WSU Shockers (which is short for “wheat shockers”, the people that used to cut wheat by hand and gather them into shocks of wheat in the fields) are currently undefeated (34-0) and are anticipated to be a #1 seed in their region.

For all of their success, WSU does not have one dominant star player; their team is comprised of a number of quality players who play hard, work together — and appreciate one another.

In fact, if you listen to their pre-game and post-game interviews, the concept of appreciation for each other can’t be missed. The word “appreciate” is used frequently by their coach, Gregg Marshall, when he talks about the team, the school’s fans, and even their opponents. And each player affirms the strengths of his teammates and the valuable role they play in helping make the team successful.

Who knows how far the Shockers will go? The tournament can take down even the best teams. Regardless of the outcome, however, I have no doubt that the post-game interview with the coach and players will include a sense of gratefulness for the good season they’ve had. Their coach and this team clearly understands the value of appreciation — for one another and for the opportunities they’ve had.

I’m excited to see them play together and clearly will be rooting for them!

Paul White, Ph.D.
“Making Work Relationships Work”

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March 12, 2014 6:14 pm

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