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Any significant journey takes some planning, forethought, resources and a general sense of the path to get to your desired destination. The same is true for becoming a culture of appreciation. View this infographic (and the associated video by Dr. White) to gain a sense of the direction to take and the resources needed to apply the 5 Languages of Appreciation to your workplace. And share it with others!




Understanding the Dynamics of Staff Retention

Research has shown that employees start thinking about leaving before they actually decide and act on it. This is hardly a surprise to anyone. But the process of people starting to think about leaving is worth addressing because this starting point creates problems in the work-place before an employee resigns.

Neutralizing Negativity in the Workplace

Neutralizing negativity in the workplace is important because it is one of the most common, and deeply ingrained, obstacles to a healthy work environment. When working with front-line employees, supervisors, and mid-level managers in a variety of industries, I’m often asked, “What can I do to create more positive interactions in my workplace? People are so negative here!”

Why Managing Remote Employees is So Difficult

We’ve come out of the pandemic changed in many ways – we’ve quarantined, shopped local, and learned all about proper masking. But one way we may be forever changed is with hybrid working arrangements.

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