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Celebration #1 — 150,000 MBA Inventory Users

We’re celebrating passing a significant milestone (earlier this month) with over 150,000 employees, supervisors, and managers (and volunteers!) having taken the Motivating By Appreciation Inventory.

To show that this hasn’t been just steady plodding, consider the following facts:

  • The first 50,000 MBA Inventory users occurred within ~ 5+ years (60 months).
  • The next 50,000 MBAI users took the inventory in 25 months.
  • The most recent 50,000 took the inventory in the past 13 months!

And if you weren’t aware, we have a number of different versions of the inventory that we have developed – versions for Government employees, School personnel, Medical settings, Military personnel, those who work in Long Distance relationships, and those in Non-profit and Ministry settings. The action items for each language of appreciation is customized to be appropriate for each workplace.

Finally, the MBA Inventory  is available in Spanish, French, Chinese, Danish, Hungarian, and Norwegian.

We are excited about the impact we are able to have across the world and in a variety of types of workplaces. Please share about our resources with your friends and family!


Celebration #2 — New Homepage for Appreciationatwork.com

We’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to Seth Michelson, our Director of Business Development, & our web developer, Randy Gonzalez, for designing the new homepage at www.appreciationatwork.com. Check it out! We believe the new page more fully (and quickly!) informs visitors about how we can help them improve their workplace relationships and create a positive workplace culture.



Dr. Paul

President, Appreciation at Work


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July 30, 2018 1:22 pm

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