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Dr. Paul White and the Appreciation at Work team have been creating and publishing some new resources to help create healthy workplaces, especially for use in the midst of this difficult time of having team members working remotely (and from home), some working on-site, and others working in a hybrid model (some from home, some at the workplace).  This creates challenges in developing and maintaining healthy work relationships.

Dr. White recently completed research with a national sample of remote employees and the results were summarized in an interview with Psychology Today‘s Hope and Resilience writer, Dr. Jamie D. Aten. The focus of the research was the most concerning issues  to remote and work from home employees.

One resource we recently released was our updated our Appreciation at Work Certified Facilitator Course. Originally developed in 2013, we have had over 900 HR professionals, Learning & Development specialists, and organizational leaders become certified to lead work groups through the process of learning how to communicate authentic appreciation with one another.  This online “train the trainer” course can be used repeatedly with different teams across the organization.  Click this link to learn more.

Additionally, since millions of employees are working remotely, we created a specific version of our Appreciation at Work training to be used with remote team members and leaders.  Designed to be used in a series of one hour videoconferences, information about the Virtual Appreciation at Work Training Kit can be viewed here.

Finally, the Expanded Remote version of the Motivating by Appreciation Inventory gives team members specific information on how each of their colleagues prefer to be shown appreciation, including actions that are relevant to those who work remotely.  Taken by over 250,000 individuals, the MBA Inventory is probably the most practical resource available to help communicate support and encouragement to team members who work remotely.

For more information on the wide range of resources available to help create a more positive workplace, go to .


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October 12, 2020 9:30 am

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